The Wall

The only web3 game feed you'll ever need


The wall will aggregate all updates, posts, and latest news related to web3 games from public social channels into a single feed. Starting with the following:
  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Discord Events
All game update posts are received directly from the games and will be added straight to the game directory. The game wall is the best place for you to stay informed about topics and games you care about or may discover.

Ranking Posts in the Feed

Hype on posts will not be driven by 3rd party algorithms on Twitter or Discord. Nor will it be driven by the number of likes or emojis of the messages from original sources. The Earn Alliance community, also known as our tribe, will be able to like posts to increase the games’ ranking.
There will be 10 ranks that posts can achieve. New posts from communities will have 3 days to compete against other posts within the same day and solidify their final rank on Earn Alliance. After 3 days, the rank of that post is frozen and sent to "The Underground". When frozen, the community can still like the post, but it will not effect the rank anymore.
Post Ranks:
  • Iron = The Bottom / Unranked
  • Bronze = Top 90%
  • Silver = Top 75%
  • Gold = Top 60%
  • Platinum = Top 40%
  • Diamond = Top 25%
  • Master = Top 5%
  • Grandmaster = Top 1%
  • Epic = Top 10
  • Legendary = #1

Daily Rewards

Every day, everyone on "The Wall" will be able to receive a daily reward chest. While viewing the feed, a chest will appear once per day. The higher the amount of power you have, the higher the chance there is to get a legendary chest. There are 5 different types of chests.
Chest Ranks
  • Common (white)
  • Uncommon (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (orange)
The rewards from chests you can get include but not limited to:
  • NFTs from partner game network
  • Whitelists mint opportunities to our partner game network
  • Private alpha passes from partner game network
  • $ALLY Token
  • Power Boosts
Our most common reward will be power boosts which will increase your power between 1.5-3x for tomorrow's reward which increases the odds for an even larger reward the next day. These boosts can be stacked daily. For example, for a player with 100 power:
  • Day 1 (power 100): You receive 1.5x power boost
  • Day 2 (power 150): You receive 3x power boost
  • Day 3 (power 450): You receive a Rare chest with 50 $ALLY tokens
  • Day 4: (power 100): ... the story continues
The Horde Rewardsfrom our partners and Earn Alliance will be listed publically and refreshed every 15 minutes. At those times everyone can see what is available in the pool and the odds of receiving each reward and how many rewards are available. All on-chain rewards will have transactional proof.
Farming Prevention
We will provide several farming prevention mechanisms to ensure legit readers are earning rewards. Not to mention, it will become increasingly difficult to farm and sustain power based on the requirements to sustain your power levels with Badges and Power.


When reading through the game wall, you will be able to filter Game Categories to dive into a focused set of games. For example, you can select your preference using the filter and choose whether to view all game updates for all FPS web3 games or just games on Polygon.
There will also be keyword filters, such as Airdrops, Hacks, and more!
You can more about how we curate games on Game Categories

Future Thoughts

We'd love to import more sources of information from web3 games such as blogs and RSS feeds.