Investors & Partners

Our BIG fans that are helping us make this dream possible!

Funding Status

Earn Alliance raised US$4.75 in November 2022 and announced it on December 8th, 2022. This gives the team runway for about 2 years to explore executing the activities described in this litepaper.


  • Fabric Ventures

  • CoinFund

  • Blockchain Coinvestors

  • Animoca Brands

  • Stake Capital (Blackpool)

  • MAD World

  • Athena Capital

  • HBR Advisors

  • Sukna Ventures

  • NLS Ventures

  • Guild Alliance

  • Angels Investors and Advisors

    • Ankush Gera - CEO of Junglee Games (acquired by PokerStars)

    • Chris Lee - Previously CTO of 6waves

    • Lars Beal - Previously head of CTO Embedded Financial Tech (acquired by FTX) and Third Party Technologies (acquired by Square)

    • Catherine Liu - Early Stage startup Lawyer

    • Justin Yek - Head of Finance and Corp Dev @ Airwallex

    • Terrance Ma - Music Producer

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