Earn Alliance

Official Earn Alliance Litepaper v0.2


We believe in a world where games can positively transform the lives of billions. We are shaping that future by building communities and tools to inspire and empower gamers to unlock their full potential in web3.


At the dawn of the decade, a group of very talented humans connected on the internet and had the idea of merging blockchain technology with video games. This experiment created a multi-billion-dollar economy speculated by both investors and gamers. With peak daily trades in the billions, the world got its first taste of what we envision to be the future of gaming.
Was it a mere stroke of luck or a snapshot of what could be? We believe in the latter.
Behind these economies are tens of thousands of communities banding together in their exploration of these blockchain-powered game universes. On this adventure, some of us have found lifelong friends, mentors, job opportunities, and even discovered our life's passions. Others have been thrashed around by the currents of the markets and admitted what we hope to be temporary defeat. Wherever you landed, one thing is clear: there are a myriad of opportunities to be found here.
Web3 games have proven to be a catalyst for life-changing opportunities
Earn Alliance exists to help cultivate gamers, communities, and games in their exploration of this exciting future. We look forward to shaping the next generation of games with you.