Problem Statements

Understanding the Web3 Game Space: Key Challenges

The web3 gaming world has opened doors to new opportunities for players, developers, and stakeholders. But like any evolving landscape, it comes with its set of challenges:

  1. Discovering Good Games: Many players find it tricky to locate web3 games that are truly engaging. With a multitude of options out there, it becomes a task to separate the wheat from the chaff.

  2. Projects Without Governance: Game studios, and blockchain tech in general, have acquired massive amounts of capital without a governing board in place with the rise of self-funded projects through NFT sales before showcasing any output. This has led to quick-profit projects which became off-putting for genuine enthusiasts and made it difficult to find great leaders in the space.

  3. Understanding Game NFT Ownership: Users find it hard to track and understand personal NFT holdings and despite the popularity and engineering behind crypto wallets, no one can easily understand what’s in the wallet! Understanding and yielding digital collectibles through learning with friends, communities, and online influencers is missing.

  4. Web3 Game Developers Need Strategic User Targeting: The vastness of the web3 game space can sometimes make it hard for developers to differentiate between NFT enthusiasts and true gamers, making targeted engagement a challenge. The next generation of games requires power users to genuinely stimulate web3 game economies. Competitive earning loops for gamers need to be made dead simple.

  5. Today’s Marketplaces Prioritize Profits Over Games: Marketplaces and aggregators have dipped their toes in-game markets, but do not keep up due to the fragmentation of web3 games across hundreds of blockchains.

By highlighting these challenges, we're emphasizing the pressing need for solutions that can enhance the overall experience in the web3 game space. Addressing these pain points will not only benefit gamers and developers but will also ensure a robust and sustainable future for the industry.

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