Please give a warm welcome to the leaders of the Alliance.

Joseph Cooper - Founder and CEO

Coop has paved the vision for Earn Alliance and is involved as a stakeholder from all aspects of the company from product, marketing, operations, and tech.

At the age of 9, Coop was a self-taught programmer, starting with creating Starcraft mods to causing havoc on with bots and automation tools. Coop grew up in California on IRC and AOL meeting strangers across the interweb who taught him Java 6 and eventually built highly modified private servers for MMORPG with 250K MAU community members. After university, Coop co-founded his first game company at the age of 21, building Dueling Blades and Mech Conquest into 10M+ downloads globally then went off to Asia as an early partner and VP of Engineering and Mobile Product of Junglee Games, India's 2nd largest online real money casino as of 2022. Junglee has recently sold to poker stars and most recently, Coop founded and sold KintoHub to Square (Block) which was a cloud developer tool platform.

Coop leads the team from Hong Kong. LinkedIn / GitHub / Twitter

Tiffany Chan - Head of Product

With a decade of experience in journalism and entrepreneurship, Tiff is a storyteller at heart and is passionate about bringing ideas to life. She has hands-on experience with the concepts, products, and services that are driving web3 with a particular focus on GameFi. With deep expertise in the current ecosystem, Tiff is extremely skilled at developing features and driving product initiatives from inception through to execution.

Alan Fraser - Head of Tech

With 20+ years of experience gained from industries across crypto, investment banking, technology, and government, Alan is a passionate technologist who enjoys working on exciting new ideas, bringing them to life through simplified engineering principles. With good knowledge of the gaming space, he is proficient in analyzing the technical areas of work.

Karena Ngan - Head of Marketing

Karena has over 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry, working with top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges, NFTs, web3, and gaming projects. She has expertise in creating business marketing strategies, growth, social media, partnership management, and developing a strong brand presence.

Jessica Olisar - Head of Finance and Ops

Jess is a passionate gamer and early crypto adopter bringing 8 years of finance and accounting experience. With a background in public accounting and early-stage startups, her expertise focuses on process creation, internal structure, and driving efficiency to support the overall business growth goals of the team.

Till Aschwanden - Art Director

Till has been creating art in the gaming industry for the last 15 years. Working with giant AAA productions all the way down to a 2-man indie team has exposed him to different facets of the game art pipeline. From 2D concepting, 3D modeling, animation, VFX, all the way to marketing and promotion, Till enjoys developing a product through every stage of the process.

Larry Li - Game Director for Earn Alliance’s partner (Renderer Studios).

Larry is an experienced 3D artist/manager who specializes in 2D and 3D character art production. Highly efficient with high/low resolution sculpting, texturing techniques, rigging, skinning, lighting, and rendering. He possesses over 10 years of professional experience and shipped numerous titles across multiple platforms ranging from console to mobile.

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