Community Profiles

Find, connect with and support your community.


Guilds, influencers, and leaders in the web3 game ecosystem create Discord channels that attract rich vibrant communities to learn and have fun together.
Play-to-earn may appear to have birthed something unsustainable, but take a peek into the Discord servers that were born and you'll find millions of jobs, mentors, friends, and opportunities that have come into existence and have changed lives.
Community profiles will enable new and existing tribes to be more easily discoverable. Existing and new members will be able to earn exclusive badges that unlock content within their community and rewards on Earn Alliance.
Top-ranked Community posts will also have an opportunity to show up on The Walland lesser-ranked posts can be discovered by using the filters. It will be important for community members to like posts of their community to ensure they are seen by the wider community! We hope communities will incentivize their members to stay active on The Wallas we will have daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards of the top supports of every community in the future!