Badges and Power

Shiny and powerful.


Soul-bound NFT badges sit at the center of the Earn Alliance ecosystem and drive our reward system.
Earn Aliance Discord Badge
Earn Alliance's Partner (Event) Badge
Badges are earned and minted by completing missions specific to the badge. Once achieved, the badge is pinned to your profile, showcasing your achievements. You must fulfill the entire mission to unlock the badge. You are able to track your progress for each badge you’re working towards.
Missions include supporting game communities, hitting the top 10,000 on a game's leaderboard, creating content, writing game content, and more.
Leveling up badges creates opportunities for increased power as they move through different tiers of badges. This is also a way to show and discover who the pillars of the community are.
Badges are earned by achieving certain goals such as supporting a community, joining a Discord server, hitting the top 10,000 on the leaderboard, participating in a twitter space, etc.
All badges will have a range of rarity and power when minted. The more power you have accumulated from your collection of badges, the more rewards you receive as they are dropped into the community.
But power isn't constant. Eventually, our badges will evolve to become living NFTs, otherwise known as socially aware. If you are no longer active or participating in the community, the badge will slowly decompose and lessen in power, which affects the overall rewards you can receive. Quality over quantity with a genuine interest in supporting and achieving the badge requirements will be a core theme in the alliance!

Power => Reward Examples

Event Airdrops
Earn Alliance will have several airdrop rewards which are based on chance. For example, if Apeiron will have a Christmas badge in 2022 where you can have an opportunity to join their community and earn 50 power.
When the Airdrop rewards are calculated, it will take the sum of all power held by the holders of Apeiron. For simplicity, if there are 1000 holders, and they hold 50 power each, the total power pool is 50,000.
Although the Apeiron badge is only worth 50 power, you may hold several other badges and have accumulated a total of 500 power! In this case, when the rewards are calculated, you will have a 500/50,000 = 1% chance to win the reward offerings.
This chance increases for each reward, as we do not reward people multiple times. To further the example, if User A won the initial reward with 1000 power, then the total power pool decreases from 50,000 => 49,000. If you hold 500 power, your odds are now 500/49,000 = ~1.02% for the second reward. This continues on for each reward, which in some cases may be hundreds!
If different types of rewards are being dropped at the same time, the calculation will always be the best reward first to the least popular rewards last.
Daily Reward Chests
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