Earn Alliance Community

Your home for web3 gaming


Web3 gaming communities are not only in search of fun but also a genuinely engaged and supportive community.
Unfortunately, the world of web3 in general has been tainted with get-rich-quick projects. Communities are hesitant and struggle to find and connect with each other.
Earn Alliance's community platform aims to change that for the web3 game industry.
Earn Alliance is a social platform for gamers and communities to discover hundreds of new games, access news/updates/content, and have verified profiles to show off achievements and historical support given to the industry!
The Wallis the best place to discover game updates across the entire industry. You no longer have to "find" games and follow them - the community has done the heavy lifting for you. The Wall is made up of Discord and Twitter posts of the entire web3 game industry. You'll be able to filter posts from all FPS games, or Polygon games or smart filters such as "Airdrops" or "Hacks". Together, we will hype these posts to highlight what is truly the best in the web3 game space.
Members complete missions on Earn Alliance to earn and mint soul-bound NFT Badges and Power, which represents their identity and credentials in the web3 game industry. They are a way to incentivize participation and contribution and track progress and verify achievements.
Tournaments will also be hosted and fully integrated to nurture an engaging, competitive community as we discover our next favorite games together. Our team will help organize tournaments between communities on partner platforms and games.
The Game Directorywill have every crypto game under the sun. The only requirement is that the game shows a sense of seriousness and progress which can be proven through a public social footprint. Big fundraises and large communities do not have to be a factor as we hope to support indie studios and individuals building great games.
Gamer Profilesand Community Profileswill enable individuals to learn more about each other and find like-minded hubs to congregate. Profiles will also showcase the achievements and support we have for each other. You'll easily be able to find the people you follow on social media in Earn Alliance and see what games they support and what they've accomplished in the alliance.