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Multi-account Protection

We at Earn Alliance take fairness and security seriously. We value our community and want everyone to participate in an equal and just platform. We want to give rewards to the community based upon different criteria and most importantly, we want to ensure people have an equal opportunity to earn or receive those awards.
Allowing multiple accounts or bots to participate means less rewards to share and also an unequal distribution of those rewards. That’s why we are introducing multi-account protection across our site.
What is Multi-account Protection?
Multi-account protection is our system designed to identify and detect account abuse, including reward allocation and NFT minting.
We aim to identify multiple accounts that are owned by the same user using sophisticated scanning techniques. This means only a single account owned by any user can participate in our reward system.
What do I need to do?
In simple terms, nothing. We do not prevent you from generating or owning multiple accounts on our site. We will however, be preventing these multiple accounts, owned by a single owner, from further participation in our rewards scheme. If you do have multiple accounts, you will need to choose which account to use for rewards going forward. Multi-account blocking will automatically take effect when we detect an event.
What will happen to my historical rewards?
We understand we have an active, loyal Earn Alliance community, some of whom own multiple accounts, collecting chests daily and minting badges and NFTs. We recognize and appreciate our users’ efforts. All accounts will retain their earned rewards. Historically earned rewards will not be taken away, and no accounts will be deleted.
If I own multiple accounts, can I merge them?
We have future plans for users to merge and delete accounts. In the meantime, stick with one primary account, and we’ll keep everyone updated!
How can I appeal a decision?
We are confident our systems will detect multi-accounting correctly, but if you feel the decision is wrong, please raise a support ticket here.