Introducing $ALLY Token

Picture a world where games can positively transform the lives of billions. At Earn Alliance, we're on a mission to turn that vision into reality. Builders of the web3 game industry are the architects of a future where gamers are inspired and empowered to unlock their full potential and potentially find their passion in life. Earn Alliance exists to nurture gamers, communities, and games as we embark on this thrilling adventure together.

To fuel our Earn Alliance ecosystem, we've come up with something truly special: the $ALLY token. We believe it will be the magic ingredient that will make our dreams come true.

Token Supply and Allocation

The total supply of $ALLY tokens is fixed at 1 billion tokens. To ensure fairness, we've carefully crafted a distribution plan that caters to various stakeholders, including investors in Earn Alliance, the dedicated team, the treasury, contributors, and the community. There will be no token sales or pre-sales. The team aims to list the token on decentralized and centralized exchanges in 2024, subject to compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Investors: 17.68% of $ALLY tokens will be allocated to investors who have supported the Earn Alliance project. These tokens will be subject to a vesting period, with a one-year cliff. This ensures their long-term commitment.

  • Team: 20.32% of $ALLY tokens will be allocated to the project team as a reward for their hard work. These tokens will also have a vesting period, with a one-year cliff, to incentivize their continued dedication.

  • Treasury: 10% of $ALLY tokens will be kept in the treasury to support the project's growth and development. These tokens will be gradually released over four years, with a one-year cliff.

  • Contributors: 2% of $ALLY tokens will be allocated to individuals who have actively contributed to the project. These tokens will be subject to a vesting period, with a one-year cliff, to acknowledge their efforts and encourage ongoing participation.

  • Community: The largest portion, 50% of $ALLY tokens, is allocated to the community. These tokens are currently being distributed as Daily Rewards on The Wall and different reward mechanisms over a four-year period, allowing community members to hold the $ALLY tokens and directly benefit from their utility within the Earn Alliance ecosystem.

Vesting periods and token distribution plans will be shared as the token distribution and game community matures. We expect the vesting period to be between 3 to 5 years.

In the future, there might be potential lock-up periods for compliance purposes. However, rest assured that you can still use your tokens within the Earn Alliance ecosystem, though certain minting processes may be temporarily unavailable. At present, there are no fees associated with utilizing the platform's features and any updates on fees will be communicated in advance. Our focus is on the token generation event (TGE) and listing the token in 2024.

The Earn Alliance team will oversee the governance of the $ALLY token's economy. While we may explore voting opportunities for platform suggestions in the future, the ultimate decisions on governance will remain with the Earn Alliance team.

We're not planning to transition into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) at the moment; our priority is to maintain a professional and accountable approach while being open to potential developments in the future through voted platform suggestions. Nevertheless, there will be features and some decisions that are controlled by the $ALLY token holders in the future, albeit the organization's future will be solely governed by Earn Alliance.

Major Benefits for Earn Alliance Users, Game Developers, and Communities

As users, you have the power to unlock a wealth of opportunities and experiences with $ALLY tokens within the Earn Alliance ecosystem.

With $ALLY tokens, users can:

  • Access exclusive NFT airdrops reward pools found in the Daily Chests and Legendary Chests, offering a touch of rarity to your NFT collection.

  • Secure your favorite NFT Launches for your favorite games, taking your gaming journey to new heights, by buying whitelist access with $ALLY tokens.

  • Participate in NFT Mint Events and Auctions on Rocket Launcher by placing bids with $ALLY tokens, adding excitement to every moment.

  • Exercise your voice by voting to support and feature your beloved games on Earn Alliance. All featured games will be eventually driven by the $ALLY holders.

  • Access entry to hidden Rocket Launches not accessible to the general public, uncovering surprises along the way.

  • Enjoy attractive discounts on game partner marketplaces and Mint Events, making your experience both rewarding and economical.

  • Obtain tickets to private digital and physical events, creating cherished memories.

  • Gain early access to alpha and beta tests of games from our esteemed partners, getting an exclusive glimpse into upcoming releases.

  • Treat yourself to exclusive merchandise and swag, proudly displaying your loyalty.

  • Engage in thrilling tournaments, showcasing your skills and vying for greatness.

  • Enter web3 in-game challenges by spending $ALLY token to enter and potentially win more in return!

Apart from using $ALLY tokens, you can also earn more of them in different ways:

  • Contribute valuable content articles on our as we value your expertise and insights within the web3 industry.

  • Use Gold to unlock Daily Chest and Legendary Chests that contain $ALLY tokens and other valuable rewards by scrolling The Wall. Each day offers new opportunities to earn rewards, making your experience exciting and rewarding every time.

  • Refer friends to join the Earn Alliance during time-sensitive recruitment events to earn $ALLY tokens.

  • Stay active in the community by participating in community airdrop events.

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