Last Remains

Shooting a gun will only attract zombies. Best use an alarm clock to distract them.


Last Remains is a PUBG meets Assassin's Creed, where being stealth is your friend and shooting a gun will, well, just attract a bunch of zombies to kill you.

In collaboration between Earn Alliance and Renderer Studios, Last Remains will be the first AAA multiplayer web3 zombie game built by developers who have worked at Riot Games, Bathesda, and Blizzard. Innovated game tokenomics will be introduced with an ethos to protect and reward gamers!

The game will feature 20-30 minute matches with up to 50 players starting with free for all and expanding to team-based challenges with the goal to get to the escape helicopter first, with only 3 seats available. As you journey to be saved, you can take the risk to explore uncharted areas of the map where epic loot can be scavenged.

Only if you survive, you can choose to mint onto the blockchain which can be sold by market demands or be used for future rounds in the game.

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