The Wall


The Wall aggregates all updates, posts, and latest news related to web3 games from public social channels into a single feed. Starting with the following:

  • Discord

  • Twitter

  • Twitter Spaces

  • Discord Events

  • Game Blogs

  • NFT Launchpads

All game update posts are received directly from the games and will be added straight to the game directory. The game wall is the best place for users to stay informed about topics and games they care about or may discover.

Daily Rewards

The Daily Reward is a Daily Chest that is hidden within The Wall. Scroll The Wall any time, any day, to find Daily Chest – a Common, Rare, or Epic Chest – hidden in the feed and claim Gold and other rewards such as $ALLY Tokens.

Legendary Chests

A Legendary Chest is a chest that contains Legendary Rewards such as NFTs, Gold, $ALLY tokens, and more. They are not hidden in The Wall and can only be purchased with Gold. Users get to purchase as many Legendary Chests as they want as long as they have enough Gold.


When reading through The Wall, users will be able to filter Game Categories to dive into a focused set of games. For example, users can select their preference using the filter and choose whether to view all game updates for all FPS web3 games or just games on Polygon.


On the Wall, users can also filter by using the Following tab so they can easily discover and access their favorite games that they have been following.


In the "Liked" section, users can conveniently view all the posts that they’ve personally liked and appreciated on the Wall.

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