Gold serves as a digital currency within the Earn Alliance ecosystem. Users can accumulate Gold by claiming Daily Chests on the Wall and minting Badges. Additionally, Gold can be used to acquire Legendary Chests. The more activities users engage in, the more Gold they can earn.

Even if users choose not to spend their Gold immediately, it remains securely stored in their stash until they decide to use it. By visiting the 'My Rewards' page, users can view all of their accumulated rewards, ranging from Daily Chests and Weekly Bonuses to Legendary Chests and Referral Rewards.

In the future, users can expect to earn more Gold through the following means:

  • Signing up

  • Completing their profile

  • Minting an NFT

  • Participating in social events

  • Sharing rewards on social platforms

  • Referring friends to Earn Alliance

Gold must be earned through the Earn Alliance ecosystem. Earn Alliance does not sell Gold for fiat.

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