Game Profiles

We will soon introduce more features in the game profiles, where these features will simplify the process for users to understand their digital game collectibles and currencies, both on-chain and off-chain, across multiple games. By connecting various wallets and social platforms, users can instantly gain a unified view of the game assets their friends and communities buy, sell and own.

Key future features of game profiles include:

  • Rank Web3 Games: Create a curated ranking list of your top 25 web3 games, contributing to the global rankings and helping shape the gaming community's preferences.

  • Owned Games: A comprehensive list of all games owned and played across platforms such as Steam, Epic Games Store, Riot Games, and mobile devices.

  • Owned Digital Collectibles and Currencies: Keep track of all NFTs owned, digital currencies, and other assets, complete with transaction history detailing when users entered or exited a specific game's economy. This feature provides valuable insights into users' gaming experiences and financial interactions within the gaming ecosystem.

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