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There are too many sources of information for too many communities, games, influencers, and more when it comes to keeping up with web3. Earn Alliance news will be a curation of posts submitted by the user community to help aggregate information from all the games and their economies to come.

The new submission process will be decentralized on, where we will reward the owner's wallet and have additional badge and power rewards over time.

Powered by Mirror

All posts will be curated on our mirror publication. Mirror provides a way for people to claim posts and eventually reward writers for contributing great content. We'll add an approval layer system on top of their tooling where people can submit mirror posts to be approved to be added to our news feed.

We chose Mirror as we deeply believe game content should not be centralized. Additionally, content creators need to be rewarded for their hard efforts. Since we do not plan to do ad monetization, Mirror has been our favorite way to experiment with distributed content so far. This also means anyone can use the posts on our publication as long as they are not monetizing the content.

In the future, it will be aggregated to be featured on The Wall.

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