Soul-bound NFT badges sit at the center of the Earn Alliance ecosystem and drive our reward system. These Badges are earned and minted by completing missions specific to the Badge. Once achieved, the Badge is pinned to the user’s profile, showcasing their achievements. They must fulfill the entire Mission to unlock the Badge.

It's worth noting that some Badges come in multiple tiers, and these higher-tier Badges offer more significant rewards but also require more challenging tasks to be completed.

Users can also browse through all past Badges, presented in their animated splendor.

For those who have been dedicated members of Earn Alliance since before December 2022, users are eligible for a Weekly Reward Bonus. It is compulsory to claim this reward weekly, as unclaimed rewards will not be carried forward.

Users should continue to mint Badges to increase their bonus. The more Badges they have, the better the perks. All their benefits can be seen directly on their profile.

Eventually, our Badges will evolve to become living NFTs, otherwise known as socially aware. If users are no longer active or participating in the community, the bNdge will slowly decompose and lessen in power, which affects the overall rewards they can receive. Quality over quantity with a genuine interest in supporting and achieving the Badge requirements will be a core theme in Earn Alliance!

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