At Earn Alliance, we've always been firm believers in the incredible power of community, and today, we stand as living proof of that conviction. The Airdrops are our way of expressing gratitude and appreciation to our vibrant community of gamers, passionate game enthusiasts, and dedicated ambassadors.

Earn Alliance Airdrops are token packages containing $ALLY tokens and our way of rewarding the most active game supporters across both Web3 and Web2. We've set aside 15% of our $ALLY token supply for the Airdrops, which will be fairly distributed depending on the number and tiers of drops you collect.

If you're a gamer, you're in for a special treat. You'll receive an extra share of these $ALLY tokens, and the more you engage with and support web3 games after receiving your initial allocation, the larger your share will become.

All users have to do is connect your Discord and Steam on Earn Alliance to automatically get an Airdrop and collect their first Airdrops based on these eligibilities:


  • If you've been a member of any web3 game Discord server from Jan 1, 2021, to Jul 31, 2023, you're in luck! You'll get points for each server you've joined during that period.

  • Earn points for each month you've remained a member.


  • Earn points for every paid game you own, and for each hour you've played on Steam. We'll track your entire gaming history, right up to the moment you connect your Steam account with Earn Alliance.

If you're not a gamer, that's okay! Those who successfully refer gamers or individuals who have historically supported web3 Discord game communities will also enjoy substantial rewards.

Invite Friends to Earn Alliance to Maximize Drops

  • Score big by referring friends! Users can earn 5 times the drops they have. For example, if your friend has 10 drops, you'll get 50 drops!

  • You will receive a unique invite URL for easy referrals, and you can earn drops for every successful referral using your URL. The number of drops you receive is determined by the number of Airdrops your referred friends receive.

  • Keep in mind that your referred friends’ drops that influence your bonus drops don't include any additional Airdrops they may acquire through additional referrals.

Upgrade Airdrops with Upgrade Tickets and Receive up to 1,000x More Tokens

  • Upgrade Airdrops with Upgrade Tickets from Legendary Chests on The Wall.

  • Users can upgrade tier by tier.

  • With 5 Upgrade Tickets, you can move from Basic to Premium.

  • With 10 Upgrade Tickets, you can move from Premium to Elite.

After receiving Airdrops, users can upgrade them by checking out The Wall which offers daily chests to collect, or by participating in game badges and NFT mints to receive Upgrade Tickets. These tickets will transform your Airdrops into even bigger rewards.

You may be wondering what we plan to do with the Discord and Steam game data you provide in exchange for Airdrops. Rest assured, we will never sell your data. However, we will anonymize it for web3 game developers, offering you the opportunity to test or participate in their communities.

This initiative represents a significant call to action for the world to help grow the Web3 Games industry. Although currently small, it has immense potential, as billions of gamers have yet to discover the latest offerings in web3 games.

But that's not all! We have more platform integrations in the pipeline. Stay tuned for announcements in October, November, and December 2023, detailing how you can connect with more game platforms to receive additional Airdrops!

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