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Introducing Earn Alliance: the largest web3 game aggregator and discoverability platform designed to foster connections between gamers and game developers. As a central hub, users can delve into a plethora of games, stay updated with news, and immerse themselves in compelling content. Let's delve into the features available:

  • The Wall: This intelligent news and content feed, showcasing the community’s favorites and providing filters content based on genre, gameplay, theme, marketplace, and more. No need for users to hunt down games and keep tabs; the community curates the best for you. The Wall encompasses Discord and Twitter updates from the entire web3 gaming space. Plus, there's a daily reward system for added engagement.

  • Game Directory: Boasting a catalogue of over 2000 games, this section enables users to pinpoint their desired games, filtering based on various criteria like genre, gameplay, and marketplace. Once a game catches your eye, you can click and choose your preferred game launcher of choice to start and play!

  • Rocket Launcher: An unmatched platform for unearthing game-centric NFT launches. Here, users can explore and acquire newly launched NFT collections with tangible in-game utility. This ensures that collected items enrich your gaming experience. We've collaborated with prominent web3 games and are incorporating NFT platforms into the Rocket Launcher, streamlining your quest for desired assets and collectibles. Our aim is to provide instantaneous on-chain or in-game digital collectibles to ensure users are not hindered with the uncertainty of Bounty Drops.

  • Reserve Now, Mint Later: This unique feature allows users to reserve their NFTs in advance and mint them at their convenience. It supports instant NFT minting through a platform on our website and enables users of our mobile app versions on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to effortlessly claim NFT minting opportunities, eliminating the initial hurdles associated with gas fees and crypto wallets.

  • Community News: A section for articles, mostly contributed by our gamer community, to keep users informed.

  • Gold: Within the Earn Alliance ecosystem, Gold functions as a distinguished digital currency which allows users to spend towards their personally desired rewards or opportunities the web3 game industry has to offer. Gold must be earned through the Earn Alliance ecosystem. Earn Alliance does not sell Gold for fiat.

  • $ALLY Token: Serving as the official platform token, the $ALLY token is pivotal within the Earn Alliance ecosystem.

  • Badges: These badges provide a glimpse into a user's active standing and historic participation in the web3 gaming world. Through the continuous support of the community behind a badge, weekly gold allowances are up for grabs.

  • Airdrops: Earn Alliance's Airdrops are the biggest token airdrops in web3 gaming history. By allocating 15% of our $ALLY tokens to the Airdrops, we aim to incentivize global engagement and introduce more people to web3 games.

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